Toyota Turbos
  1987 toyota supra blown headgasket repair
A blown headgasket is your worst nightmare with a toyota turbo or any toyota supra for that matter
lap toyota supra
 course and fine grit. I am using the Reg Riemer  tool
to fix my block for good
here is a toyota parts list you might want to look at for toyota parts that should be replaced during the headgasket repair

toyota parts you should replace

toyota dealers selling toyota parts  online can be found using google

toyota turbo block of 1987 toyota supra with turbo
   tool on the engine
0 hours lap toyota supra 2007
here you see the block before work has been done
2 hrs lap toyota blown headgasket 2007 supra
 this is after 2 hours on engine  block of the 1987 toyota turbo supra

7 hours or so :-)

this is not a toyota parts bad headgasket, just a bad one
after many laps toyota supra block 2006
replace toyota parts  I used the fine grit on the toyota turbo supra head after it was professional surfaced
DYNO Daymodifiedturbo_upgrademy_1st_supraRebuilt Enginebhg2002