I bought this 1987 Toyota Turbo in 1996 with  approx 60k miles,
since the day I bought  the car this toyota  had cooling troubles. My local Toyota Parts -Dealer told me it was not a blown head gasket and replaced the toyota parts radiator , it was wasted money . (that was the last time i took my car to a Toyota Dealership for repair ).

Well after 114,000 miles on this 1987 toyota supra turbo and all kinds of blown tubes and pipes and gallons of coolant and quarts of oil, she dropped oil pressure and soon the toyota engine started to squeal, time to pull over and let the mustangs pass. So I put it aside in 1998 and saved enough money to replace the toyota engine. I didn't want to rebuild the original toyota engine because I was convinced the engine had a hole in it somewhere. I went for a rebuilt toyota engine from
"rebuiltengines.com". <-- they suck(see bhg 2003) don't get one from them .

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See the Turbo here

.... Yeah baby 07/09/01 we have crated  Japanese  domestic Motor!!
crated toyota supra turbo motor from japanhead toyota supra turbo modified blueJDM Toyota supra turbo modified

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