pulling the head off the toyota supra turbo 3 liter is not as hard to do as it seems you should have a toyota supra shop manual by now !

i used this link as reference

05/03/02 or there about.

HKS, stopper metal headgasket
for 1987 toyota supra turbo arrives.

ARP bolt kit toyota 7mGTE delivered

is where i bought alot of my stuff for the toyota supra turbo
as it ends up i did blow this headgasket too

ARP head Bolts in and torqued to 75 lbs.
one pass @ 30lbs, one pass @ 55lbs, then one more pass to 75lbs.
(thanks to Bole')05/04/02
blitz DD blow off valve
DYNO Day modified turbo_upgrademy_1st_supraRebuilt Enginebhg_2003