1986.5 Toyota Supra 

absolutely beautiful

Bought in 1996 from the original 1st owner..this toyota supra
was totally mint.

Leather , Targa top  and not a dent on it ,
the paint was perfect...there was one thing wrong .

This Toyota Supra's..passenger side power window didn't  work.
actually the passenger side window did work after cleaning the contact switch in the door 8-) 

well this story sucks cuz the car got boosted (not as in a turbo) and I found it cooked 3 days later in New Haven, Ct.

so I kicked it up a notch with this toyota  supra ! Turbo

DYNO Daymodified turbo_upgradeRebuilt Enginebhg2002bhg_2003

My First Toyota Supra 3 liter Non Turbo with Leather and a Targa